Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dhondas (kakdicha)

A very typical kokani sweet dish...almost forgotten in time.
One of our favorite traditional dessert...which for some reason does not get made a lot at home...I wonder why?? :)

This dish can be either baked or steamed. I personally prefer the steamed one..maybe because my mom and her mom always made it that ways...reminds me of old times. Plus i think the baked version is a bit dry..I like dhondas when its juicy...


Heres how i made it...Hope you try this one out.

Level: Medium
Serves: 6 - 8 people

2 cups idli rava
4 cups cucumber grated (no need to squeeze out its water)
2 cups jaggery, grated
2.5 tblsp fresh coconut, grated
1.5 tsp ghee
1/8 tsp turmeric powder
1/4 tsp salt
3/4 tsp jeera powder
2 tblsp cashew, roughly chopped (optional)
1/2 cup water, if needed
2 pieces of dried/fresh turmeric leaves

Step 1 - Take 1 tsp ghee in a pan. Lightly roast the idli rava for 2 mins. It should very slightly change color. Do not change its color completely. Remove and keep it aside.

Step 2 - In the same pan, add the cucumber (along with its water). Add the turmeric powder, salt and jeera powder. Mix well. Cook the cucumber till its almost done. Do not let it all mash away.

Step 3 - Add the idli rava. Stir well. If the batter is too thick, add 1/2 cup water. Do not make it watery. It should just all mix well together.

Step 4 - Add the jaggery. Mix well. Cover and let it all cook together. When it all comes together, as shown in the picture above...pour it in a greased steam pan and put in some turmeric leaves for flavour. Pour the batter in the vessel and steam without a lid for 2 whistles.

Serve hot with some ghee.

The turmeric leaves are optional..but it gives a great traditional kokani flavour.

Rack your brains:
Cucumber is a vegetable that belongs to the same family as pumpkins, zucchinis and other squashes.
Raw cucumber, applied on the skin, can help reduce heat and inflammation.
Fresh cucumber juice can provide relief from heartburn, acid stomach, gastritis and even ulcers.
The potassium in cucumber makes it useful for problems of high and low blood pressure.
It contains Erepsin, the enzyme that helps in protein digestion.
It has been associated with healing properties in relation to diseases of the kidney, urinary bladder, liver and pancreas.
Those suffering from diabetes have been found to benefit from the consumption of cucumber juice.


  1. Thank you very much for introducing these all delicious recipes. I love dhondaas very much. I was not expecting that I will find this recipe on net.

  2. Atlast a recipe for dhondas...yummy, reminds me of Malvan...

  3. Your welcome..Its my all time favorite dessert!
    sure reminds me of malwan too..:)

  4. शाल्मली, तुम्हाला मराठी येत असेल असे मी गृहीत धरलंय, कारण मला इंग्लिश लिहिता येत नाही. मी तुमचा Blog नेहमी वाचते आणि त्यातले अनेक पदार्थ करून पाहते.आज लिहिल्याशिवाय राहवत नाहीये कारण आज मी माझ्या माझ्या 86 वर्षाच्या आई ला 'काकडीचा धोंडस' करून खाऊ घातला. ती तृप्त झाली, ते आशीर्वाद तुमच्यापर्यंत पोचवायचे होते. माझा हे मराठीत लिहिलेलं तुमच्यापर्यंत पोचतंय आणि तुम्हाला कळतंय याची खात्री झाली की बरे वाटेल.

    -मिथिला सुभाष, मुंबई.

  5. Thank you Mithila.
    Khoop chaan vatla tumcha comment vachun.
    Anand ahe ki tumchya aaila hi recipe khoop avadli.

    Majhya kadey marathi script nahi ahe mhanun english script madhe reply det ahe.

  6. Shalmali with your recipe I had tried Dhondaas and had worked very well.
    Thanks for the wonderful recipe .It's perfect .