Monday, February 8, 2010

Egg Chaat

Unexpected guests hanging out for drinks?? "Egg Chaat" is the SIMPLEST way to go!!

I first had this recipe at my atya's place in pune when I was a kid and completely forgot about it. But then recently when I was wondering, what other super simple things could i put up in the blog..just remembered this one.

The best part of this recipe is..absolutely everything in here is to taste...its quite a brainless recipe once you have boiled eggs ready.
You can slice the eggs in any shape you want, add as little or as much of everything!!

Level: Easy
Serves: 2 to 3 people

3 hard boiled eggs, cut in fours
Onions, finely chopped
Tomatos, finely chopped
Coriander, finely chopped
Chaat masala, as per taste
Red chilly powder, as per taste
Salt, as per taste

Step 1 - Arrange eggs on the serving platter.

Step 2 - Lightly sprinkle with salt. Chaat masala contains some amount of salt just be careful.

Step 3 - Sprinkle some onions, tomatoes, red chilly powder, chaat masala and finally some coriander.


You could also substitute the red chilly powder with some finely chopped green chillies.
Once I added some leftover mint chutney over it too...tasted awesome..

So basically you can go places with this egg chat..:)

Hope you enjoy this one..!

Happy cooking..!

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