Sunday, February 21, 2010

Potato Toast

Potato toast is one of my father's favorite snack. He used to visit 'Jyoti' in Dadar TT to indulge on it.
So when my mom and I were thinking of what different could we make on his birthday this year, we decided to try to recreate the potato toast magic for him...
and Iguess it did work well...:)

Potato toast is nothing but a potato patty stuffed with spicy and slightly tangy green chutney.
This is usually had with yogurt raita, but... ketchup goes well with it too.

Here's how we made it...

Level: Medium
Serves: 5 - 6 people

8 to 10 boiled potatoes, mashed
5 bread slices
3 tblsp cornflour
Salt to taste
Green chutney, for filling
Oil for deep frying/shallow frying
Oil for rolling into shapes

Step 1 - Take potatoes in a large vessel. Dip the bread in some water, squeeze out the water and add the bread to the potato. Add the cornflour and salt and mix well with oiled hands. Adjust the salt here.

Step 2 - Make 2 flattish shaped patty with the potatoes. Fill one side with the chutney and place the other patty on it. Fix up the corners.

Step 3 - Deep fry or shallow fry till brown.

Serve hot.

When you are getting the potato mixture ready, if you find that the potato does not hold shape or is too sticky, add in some more cornflour or bread slices (dipped and squeezed out of water), so that it all binds well.

While shaping the potatoes make sure you grease your hands, so its easier to deal with shapes.

I have deep fried these potato it is faster! esp when you have guests!! But you can always shallow fry it on a non-stick pan, as everything in here is pre-cooked.

Make sure you fill these with a substantial amount of chutney. Its quite awful, if one takes a bite into these, and wonder if they were stuffed with chutney !

Happy eating!


  1. I like the way you write - makes the recipe very simple and motivates you to cook it after going home from office.....dont stop writing!!!

    1. Thats very kind of you. Thank you so much. :)

  2. This was my favorite item at Jyoti when, as a teenager, I frequented the restaurant with my friends on a regular basis. It took some searching before I found your blog. My wife and I tried making the toast but it didn't quite turn out as I remembered it from 50 years ago. Will try again. Thank you for the recipe. All the best!